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Friday, July 24, 2009

Mission Statement

My mission in life is to become a sports journalist. I have heard from a lot of different sources that it is not always easy to become a journalist and it is a rough road. Though this may be true, I know I am willing to do what it takes to do the career that I love. Whether it means moving around a lot or working any hour of the day, I am up for the challenge.

Ever since I entered grade 11 in high-school, I have been expanding my journalism portfolio. I had the privilege to write for our school’s newspaper and gained a lot of valuable experience in interviewing people and writing article. Similarly, I have also been able to travel to “Creating in the Qu’Appelle”. This is a writing conference for aspiring writers and I had the honour to cover the event as a journalist.

My biggest accomplishment however has been my online columns. I have had the privilege to write several sports columns on the internet and I have generated a steady fan base. Writing all of these columns online has given me valuable experience and taught me many things, such as how to take criticism and be all the better for it.

Currently, I am entering my first year of university in Regina, and I plan to enter the School of Journalism in my third year. If all of this falls into place, I will hope to get a job as a journalist when I am finished in university.

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